About Shachihata 

Shachihata began selling stamp pads in 1925. The company has continued to envision and create highly useful consumer products of all kinds. People around the world have come to love Shachihata’s products, and this has become a great source of pride as well as a barometer to guide our actions in many lines of business. The modes of communication that people use today are evolving at an incredibly swift pace. We are increasingly shifting from ink-based to electronic seals, so we have developed technologies to accomplish the tasks of marking, notifying, and approving digitally. Our goal at Shachihata is to be a global leader who supports better communication in order to benefit people and society. Creative thought is the means to this end, combined with the act of meeting challenges in manufacturing. Be assured we will meet all of the challenges we face.

Company Name:  Shachihata Co.
Established in: September 24, 1941
Chairman: Shinkichiro Funahashi
President: Masayoshi Funahashi
Website: www.artlineworld.com

Shachihata HeadquarterNagoya - Japan
Shachihata Inc.California - USA
Shachihata (Changzhou) Stationary Inc.Shanghai - China
Shachihata FactoryInazawa - Japan
Shachihata Ltd.England - Europe
Shachihata Sdn. Bhd.Malaysia
Shachihata FactoryNew Jersey - USA
Shachihata Pvt. Ltd.India


Environmental issues caused by excessive energy consumption must be dealt with immediately. Shachihata is dedicated to restoring balance in the global environment by stepping up its efforts to conserve and recycle its resources and develop production systems that minimize industrial waste. Eco action will remain a guiding principle in shachihata’s operations now and for the foreseeable future.

Environmental Charter

As an enterprise that enriches people’s daily lives and culture, Shachihata regards environmental preservation as a corporate responsibility and is dedicated to the realization of a low-carbon society.

We also seek to provide environmentally friendly products and services with a low impact on the environment in line with its basic philosophy of balancing the needs of the environment with corporate activities.


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